Kuban Kar has technical collaboration with Nedschroef, Belgium mainly for design and development of manufacturing process tools, and dies makeups along with exchange of technical and know-how for new product development. At present utilizing skillful and competent personal and using high technology in manufacturing process, Kuban Kar has a leading roll in bolts and nuts industry in Iran.

Cold Forming

Cold forming machines built by Nedschroef Herentals.

Hot Forming

Hot forming machine built by Nedschroef Herentals (Nuts Only).

Tool Design

Tool design by Nedschroef Herentals.

Tool Manufacting

Tool manufacturing by SMF Tools in The Netherlands, major suppliers in Europe, and locally in Iran.


Total fastening concepts including Nedsonic.

Heat Treatment

Two complete lines of endothermic controlled atmosphere; heat treatment line from Aube Lindberg of Spain.

Dacrotized Coating

Complete line of Geomet under license of NOF in France.


Automatic line of electro galvanizing, and phosphate.

Thread Locking and Sealing

Complete line of thread-locking and thread-sealing under license of Precote in Germany.


Complete Sorting and Packaging system by Weighpack in The Netherlands.

Our Technology Partners